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TammyJo & Peter Reviews

Join me and my fellow kink educator, historian, and author, Peter Tupper as we review some movies featuring BDSM. We discuss their depictions of kink as well as the quality of acting and filmmaking. Click on the film titles in the table below to be taken to our review on YouTube. Be warned, there will be spoilers!

TammyJo and Peter review Personal Services

Personal Services19872023-05-14
Preaching to the Perverted19972022-12-10
Exit to Eden19942022-09-29
The Duke of Burgundy20142022-08-17
My Mistress20142022-06-23
Going Under20042022-05-24
Love and Leashes (available on Netflix)20222022-03-09

Erotic Creators Club Collaborations

You can read Solo Protocols, the free version of my contribution to the Erotic Creators Club Summer 2023 Collaboration, by clicking here or on the image below.

Erotic Cross-Patreon Collaboration

SummerSolo Protocols
WinterEros (the feeling or the deity)
FallErotic Amazons

New Interview

On May 7, I spoke with hosts Dan and Dawn on the Erotic Awakening podcast about Erotica as a Form of Communication and a number of other topics.

A Treat for Halloween

Anything But That, Werewolf Erotica by TammyJo Eckhart narrated by Vivienne Ferrari

An erotic werewolf story by TammyJo Eckhart, narrated by Vivienne Ferrari of the Nobilis Erotica podcast!

Christian Pan Erotica Review and Interview

Christian Pan Erotica recently wrote a wonderful review of my trilogy, Beyond the Softness of His Fur (2015). We were also fortunate enough to have a nice in-depth chat about the books and the source of my ideas. You can see that interview on my public Patreon.

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True YouTrue You 101, my newest book and work of Urban Fantasy, YA, and LGBT fiction, is now available in both paperback and ebook format from the following:

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On 28 March 2020, I launched my Patreon account! There I will talk about my writing (including the process itself), about being a femdom and living in a poly household, thoughts about science fiction/fantasy/horror media, and topics related to my field as an ancient historian (I've posted several things already)!

Depending on your subscriber level, you can have an opportunity to contribute to the creation of new stories, listen to me read, participate in educational workshops, get sneak peeks of upcoming works, or other special rewards! Over half the tiers are $25/mo or less.

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